Sunday, May 28, 2017

Why I love Melbourne? Melbourne Dogs friendly

Melbourne is a pet-friendly city. Pets are welcome at most of the places. There are plenty "Pets before and after care" (It's like a kinder garden) for working parents, pet's hotels with suites and even Airbnb for pets. You can find dogs wash (next to the Cars wash), dog-friendly pubs, coffee shop and restaurants with a special food for dogs. A full range of entertainments and events for pets and their owners. You can plan your dog wedding, birthday and "Barkday" parties and of course for all those occasions you can find dog boutiques with a styled fashion that will not shame the best designers. Just love it :-)

Huge ill at one of the neighborhood supermarket - Lots of Pets foods and products

  The pet food section (The ones that need cool, next to the beef  selfs) looks very appetizing

You can wear casual - Denim for dogs - Pethaus

or something more formal - dress from "Best dressed pets" shop

Dogs bed & breakfast hotel
Car & Dog wash
Dog wash - DIY

On my street
At the parks, all the coolers are pet's friendly

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